Monday, May 19, 2008

Your in-kind support is needed!

The gathering will include teach-ins, workshops, art, music and other community building activities. In order to ensure that this event is a healthy and positive living experience for the visiting communities and supporters, we are seeking volunteers to cook, billet out-of-town visitors, provide first aid on-site and do outreach to their networks. We are also fundraising for the cost of food, sanitary infrastructure, sound and other equipment. It is our hope that you will lend your support to this important gathering, and act in solidarity with Ontario’s indigenous communities. We are requesting:
  • Food donations (fresh, day-olds, prepared, gift certificates, etc…)
  • Volunteers to plan and cook meals
  • Tents, tarps, pillows, mats, ropes, etc…
  • Billets for people who prefer not to stay at Queen’s Park (ie. elders, etc…)
  • Cars and drivers to transport food and other gear to and from the site
  • Sound equipment $ to go towards food, sanitary infrastructure, programming, equipment, etc…
  • Outreach to your networks to attend
If you can help out, please write or phone 416.597.1904

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